Hedge Management Services in West London

Hedges of all descriptions, shapes and sizes need management and maintenance to ensure they are of premium health – and looking their best year-round.

We are experienced in trimming and reshaping hedges of all sizes, taking great care to achieve the sharpest possible profile. We offer formative pruning services for new and young hedges in their first few years of growth, and thereafter maintenance trimming to keep hedges tidy and lush. 

Formal hedges require more treatment to keep their pristine shape and size – we can advise on how often they should be trimmed and how best to achieve the hedge you want.

We also tackle overgrown hedges needing a lot of reducing and pruning to make them easier to manage and not intruding on the space around them.

For the best results, we recommend that hedges should be pruned annually as this generates the densest wall of foliage. 

All works are carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in BS3998 (2010)

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