Pollarding Tree Surgery Services in West London

Pollarding is technically ‘the removal of the upper branches of the tree to promote dense regrowth.’ However, this term is broadly used to describe the periodic pruning of trees back to the same points, developing distinctive knuckles.  

This is an effective form of tree management when trees need to be kept at a given size, smaller than they would normally grow. It can also encourage underbrush growth in wooded areas as it allows for much more natural light to reach the undergrowth and ground than would have otherwise done.

We strive to retain a percentage of the internal fine branch structure to ensure the health of the tree, and for aesthetic reasons. Pollarding certain trees can lead to multiple shoots regrowing, and becoming tangled or dangerous - please ask us if pollarding is suitable for your tree. 

All works are carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in BS3998 (2010)

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