Small Trees and Fruit Trees Pruning in West London

As well as being fully equipped to manage even the biggest trees, much of our work is managing smaller trees such as Magnolias, Birch, Acers, young trees, fruit trees and other ornamental species. 

Chosen for their more compact size, beauty and harvest, fruit trees and other ornamental species all require different pruning techniques for best results. 

The skill to fruit tree management is in achieving a balance between growth and the formation of buds, whilst ensuring sufficient airflow through the crown. To ensure a good cycle of fruiting wood and avoid an overly congested crown, fruit trees should be pruned regularly. When to prune fruit trees varies between species, but broadly speaking, both winter and mid to late-summer are the best times.

In addition to maintenance trimming and pruning, we can undertake formative pruning on newly planted young trees, and work on older, overgrown trees to return them to prime health and splendour. If you have a number of trees, or even a full orchard, we can carry out both maintenance and restorative work as needed.

Contact us about smaller trees and fruit trees.

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