Stump Grinding Services in West London

Stump grinding is essentially the removal of the stump left behind from a felled tree to an agreed depth using a stump grinder. 

This a hand or remote operated machine that grinds the stump with hardened teeth attached to a spinning disc. This process produces a fine mulch (or grindings) that is then used to fill the hole. Any excess spoil is taken from site. Our machine is fairly compact and manoeuvrable, so we can fit it into small gardens and other tight, tricky spaces, close to walls and other obstructions. We will check the area to ensure stump grinding is a safe and efficient method of removing the stump when we visit.

Smaller stumps can be removed with hand tools.

Root removal is also possible, though often they will naturally decay when the main stump is removed.

Alternatively, the stump can be poisoned using ‘eco plugs’. These are drilled into the stump, injecting a systemic poison into the roots. This does not affect surrounding plants but will kill the stump preventing any potential regeneration.

Stump grinding can be required if the stump is on a development or building site and the ground needs to be levelled, or it’s in a hazardous place and could present an obstruction or a problem. 

All works are carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in BS3998 (2010)

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