Tree Removal Services in West London

There is rarely the space to fell trees in the traditional manner in London.  The safest method to remove a tree where there is limited space is by sectional dismantle using modern rigging techniques and other precautionary and protective measures.

Sectional tree dismantling is the process of safely felling trees a piece at a time instead of all at once. To begin, an anchor point is fixed at a secure location near the top of the tree, then a qualified, experienced arborist will abseil down to start removing the lowermost branches first, then work their way back up. 

The sections are lowered to the ground, piece by piece, with a rope rigging system. This allows for a controlled dismantle at a safe pace. 

 Every tree dismantle is different, depending on the size, shape, type and location of the tree. 

All works are carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in BS3998 (2010)

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